Estate Planning

It is never too early to start thinking about the future of you and your family. It is important to plan now to ensure that your family is taken care of when you are no longer able to provide for them. At Anderson & Dart, we are able to assist you in determining what is needed to protect your family and your assets.

At Anderson & Dart, we have several options available when it comes to estate planning. Whether you want to put together a simple will or a comprehensive Estate Plan we can devise a plan to assist you with your needs.

We are experienced in assisting clients in putting together comprehensive Estate Plans including:

  • Wills: wills are a necessary part of any estate plan. They set forth your basic wishes concerning your property and assets, and are also used to name a personal representative and guardians for minor children that may be involved.
  • Trusts: a revocable living trust (also known as a Family Trust or Living Trust) is used primarily to avoid probate, reduce estate taxes, preserve your privacy, and manage your financial affairs.
  • Powers of Attorney: used to appoint an individual to take actions on your behalf if you become unable to do so. Often two different types will be prepared one regarding financial matters and another regarding medical matters.
  • Physicians Directive: is used to set forth your wishes concerning life-saving medical treatment.

Associated Costs

All Estate Planning services are handled on a fixed flat rate making it easy and convenient for you to know the costs of your representation from the outset.

Additional Information and Resources

For more information or to discuss your particular matter, contact one of our Utah County Attorneys today for a FREE initial consultation/case review at 801-798-3000.

You can also visit our Resources/Useful Links page for additional information!

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